The Quantum Solution for EMF-Harmonized in Electric Vehicles

This study delves into the repercussions of electromagnetic fields (EMF) within electric vehicles (E-Cars) and assesses the efficacy of the Quantum Upgrade technology in mitigating EMF-induced stress factors.

Method: The investigation employs bioenergy-informative system analysis to comprehensively examine how EMF affects humans, including its impact on their meridian systems and energy-informative-biological control circuits. Before-and-After tests are used to quantitatively measure changes occurring at critical acupuncture points along the meridian system.

Results: The findings confirm the stressors caused by EMF factors on the human organism and, equally important, demonstrate how the Quantum Upgrade effectively transforms these deregulating energies into harmonious and biocompatible energies. The Quantum Upgrade facilitates a shift from potentially harmful EMF exposures to an environment characterized by optimal energy balance and vitality.

International Association for Quantum Technology & Frequency Medicine

International Association for Quantum Technology & Frequency Medicine