Accelerating Wound Healing from the Cellular Perspective

This research study explores the effects of the Quantum Upgrade system on wound healing rates in biological systems. Conducted under the supervision of Dr. Robert Sheaff, PhD., at the University of Tulsa, the study provides valuable insights into the potential impacts of controlled quantum interactions on biological processes.

Study Design: This year-long study utilized a double-blind experimental design. Human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) cells were divided into two groups: a treatment group exposed to the Quantum Upgrade system and a control group maintained under standard conditions. The experiments tracked the closure of wounds in a cellular monolayer, with multiple observations conducted daily.


The findings indicated a significant improvement in the rate of wound healing. There was a range of healing accelerations, with increases from about 50% to 100% across various experiments. Notably, certain plates demonstrated markedly quicker healing times, particularly those exposed more effectively to the Quantum Upgrade treatment, underscoring the system’s potential efficacy in enhancing biological repair processes.

These results suggest that Quantum Upgrade may significantly accelerate wound healing in cells.

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Study Report

International Association for Quantum Technology & Frequency Medicine

International Association for Quantum Technology & Frequency Medicine