Accelerating Wound Healing from the Cellular Perspective

This investigation assesses the role of Leela Quantum Bloc Technology in enhancing wound healing within biological systems. Led by Dr. Robert Sheaff, PhD., at the University of Tulsa, this research delves into the promising intersection of quantum technology and biological healing.

Study Design: Over a 12-month period, this double-blind study was conducted in a biochemistry laboratory. It involved human dermal fibroblasts (HDF) separated into two groups: one receiving the Leela Quantum Bloc Technology and a control group without exposure. Observations occurred frequently to monitor the progress of cellular wound closure.

The study demonstrated notable improvements in wound healing, with observed increases ranging from 50% to 100% across different experiments. The initial experiments highlighted a rapid healing rate of 85-100%, whereas the later experiments recorded enhancements of 45.8% to 79.2%.

These outcomes underscore the efficacy of Leela Quantum Bloc Technology in speeding up the wound healing process, setting a foundation for further explorations into how quantum interactions can be harnessed in medical and biological contexts.

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International Association for Quantum Technology & Frequency Medicine

International Association for Quantum Technology & Frequency Medicine